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Antique Embossed English Die Cut Easter Bunny Scrap


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Please note that this is real, full size antique scrap, not a miniature.

20 years ago my grandfather gave me these exquisite Chromolithograph die cut scrap pictures he'd kept in his cellar since the 1920's and 1930's, so they are almost 100 years old.

My grandfather was a candy maker and bought these scrap pictures to use inside panorama Easter eggs. He gave me the ones he still had left. He told me that after the war, these pictures became impossible to find because all of the factories had been bombed during WW II.

If you've never seen a panorama Easter Egg, it was an egg, made of sugar or chocolate that was hollow. A round hole was left in one end and covered with plastic or glass - if you looked inside the egg, you saw a beautiful scene that looked 3-D filled with pictures of flowers and children playing and all sorts of things!

The scrap pictures themselves are absolutely exquisite. This sheet is of Easter bunnies!

The detail in them is amazing. In the top row, there are two sets of three separate pictures. There's a dapper bunny gentleman all dressed up in his blue suit, yellow vest and pink bow tie with matching pink umbrella. He's carrying a pink satchel full of Easter eggs! Next to him is a country farmer bunny resting in a field of yellow flowers. He's leaning against a biiig blue Easter egg decorated with a matching blue bow. His lavender straw hat is lying next to him. The last bunny in the top row is a lady bunny. She's picking flowers and already has a basketful over her arm!

In the bottom row the first bunny is painting Easter eggs! He's standing on top of a big orange mushroom with eggs all around it and he's just putting the finishing touches on a yellow egg with pink flowers. Next to him is a bunny hugging a huuuge Easter egg - the egg is pink with darker pink flowers, white lace ribbon and a bright yellow bow. The last bunny in this row is wearing a bright orange bandana with yellow polka dots. He's looking at a tiny Easter chick that just hatched out of an egg!

There are 12 pictures in all - two of each of the scenes I described above.

I believe Victorian women and children used to put these into their scrap albums. These are pretty enough to be framed if you're not an ephemera collector !

The sheet itself measures 9 1/2" wide by and just over 6" high. Each individual piece is about 3" high by 1 1/2" wide. The sheet is also marked with the initials MLP printed in black inside an oval and has a number on it - #920 and says: "Made in England".

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